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Date : 09/03/17 | Thématique : Truck, Automotive

How resident engineers make a difference

This is no secret; partnership means a lot in answering a client’s needs. Among the various ways ARaymond* chooses to make this partnership is that of resident engineers. We’ve been talking with Kevin Wendelken, resident engineer at a large OEM’s Engineering Centre in the UK for more than ten years, to get to the gist of how it ma… [+]

Date : 02/03/17 | Thématique : Agriculture

ARaymond successfully showcases new products at the Fruit Logistica Show

One of the most important events of the year for the fresh produce industry, is the annual Fruit Logistica Show held in Berlin. Fruit and Logistica is Europe’s leading fresh produce event bringing together over 2000 exhibitors from all sectors of the produce trade. As a global player in the international horticultural market, ARaymond* was pr… [+]

Date : 22/02/17 | Thématique : Life

ARaymondlife présente RayDyLyo en Nest

Les 7 et 8 février derniers, le salon Pharmapack Europe a rassemblé l’industrie santé à Paris, porte de Versailles. Cette année, ARaymondlife a choisi de présenter RayDyLyo en Nest (plateau), une solution prête à l’emploi. Consacré aux innovations packaging et aux tech… [+]

Date : 20/02/17 | Thématique : Agriculture

SIVAL 2017- Looking to the future of fruits and vegetables production

The annual SIVAL plant production show is an important event for the European produce industry. Every year the show brings together leading producers, distributors and manufacturers from all over Northern France to discuss agricultural issues, present new products and network with fellow professionals. ARaymond* was once again present at this year&… [+]

Date : 16/02/17 | Thématique : Energies

ARaymond™ PowAR Snap has a bright future in the Japanese solar market

Over the past few years, Japan’s solar power industry has been rapidly expanding. Following the events at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, renewable energy sources have become a priority for the government and today Japan is the second biggest solar market in the world. Recently ARaymond* and Nippon Steel Sumikin Texeng [her… [+]

Date : 14/02/17 | Thématique : Energies

De nouvelles opportunités pour ARaymond Energies au Sommet mondial sur l'énergie du futur

Des produits innovants Lors de ce sommet de quatre jours, ARaymond Energies et son stand de produits innovants ont suscité un vif intérêt auprès des visiteurs du salon. L'équipe internationale de ARaymond a rencontré des partenaires des Émirats arabes unis, d'Arabie saoudite, du L… [+]