FACIL - Expert in fastening technologies

Date : 31/01/05 | Thématique : Automotive

As one of the very first companies in the world to do so, FACIL launched a full service package in 1999, which embraces all aspects of fastening, either directly or indirectly.


Companies from the automotive industry can use FACIL’s unequalled expertise and know-how from the earliest development phase until beyond the start of production. This approach results in considerable cost saving every time.
Today, FACIL’s expertise is being used in the production of more than one million cars each year.

Joint venture of two global players
FACIL is a strategic alliance between 2 global fastening experts: KAMAX, specialist in the development and production of bolts and screws and A. RAYMOND, specialist in the development and production of engineered metal and plastic fasteners. Due to the active support of these shareholders, FACIL can rely on their impressive expertise resulting in a unique offer that brings added value to the Automotive industry.

FACIL’s European headquarter is based in Genk (Belgium). FACIL has own offi ces and development centers in Gent (Belgium), Saarlouis (Germany), Valencia (Spain), Dunton (England), Merkenich (Germany) and Göteborg (Sweden). FACIL’s headquarter in the United States are based in Detroit.

The Service
FACIL offers a comprehensive total package, ranging from the initial concept of the engineering process to the delivery of serial parts, the total cost approach and quality assurance after SOP. FACIL also offers the opportunity for customers to use its services in specific modules only:
Full Service Provider Concept
- Engineering support: FACIL engineers can be co-located for pre-production and launch support
- Market research
- Purchasing
- Supply chain management
- Transport & Logistics
- Stock management
- Quality Assurance
- Line Feeding
- Kanban + line side system management
- Total cost improvement after SOP

Flexibility is very important to FACIL. Every effort is made to provide the customer with the tailor made service they require. This fl exibility is proven by FACIL’S strategy to set up local engineering and, where necessary, logistic support centres to give the best possible service.

FACIL & Cie G.C.V.
Geleenlaan 20
Tel. 32 (0)89 32 26 50 - Fax 32 (0)89 32 26 51

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