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Date : 10/02/17 | Thématique : Automotive

Expanding for the right reasons: the case of our Moroccan Plant

In the life of a worldwide company, there are decisions that come on a regular basis. Should we widen our offer? How to remain competitive? Should we expand more? As a global Network and in a context of increasing demand, we tend to face this question of expansion pretty often. To us, the answer lies in the fact that it is not so much about expan… [+]

Date : 26/01/17 | Thématique : Automotive

ARaymond™ Metal P2L®: when fuel connectors get even stronger

The automotive industry is moving and it’s moving fast. Regulations ask for more performance, smaller vehicles and new technologies lead to increased underhood temperatures, fuel systems are seeing higher pressure and assembly lines are thirsty for ease and rapidity... Fasteners overall, and fuel connectors in this case, have to adapt. You m… [+]

Date : 24/01/17 | Thématique : Automotive

ARaymond Turkey on the way to build a stronger foundation for a sustainable future

For the past ten years, ARaymond Turkey* has been steadily expanding production lines at its Kocaeli plant near Istanbul. Faced with growing demand from the automotive sector, the plant recently decided to increase both its production and warehouse capacity on-site. As a result, ARaymond Turkey is constructing a brand-new 2500m² extension to t… [+]

Date : 20/01/17 | Thématique : Automotive

ARaymond rises to meet new challenges within the Indian automotive industry -English version

On the 8th December 2016, ARaymond participated in the 3rd annual ITB technical fuel systems conference in Pune, India. ARaymond* was represented at the conference by Laurent Guerbé, Global R&D and Innovation Director for Fluid Connection, who presented a session entitled “Quick Connectors: Trends for Fuel and SCR systems for cars,… [+]

Date : 01/11/16 | Thématique : Automotive

Voir plus loin dans la transition numérique : retour sur le salon IZB

Cela n’est pas nouveau, la transition numérique est déjà bien avancée dans le secteur automobile. Cette année encore le salon IZB a fait mouche avec son thème « La mobilité se met au numérique ». Pour nous, le passage au numérique concerne directement la gamm… [+]

Date : 27/10/16 | Thématique : Automotive

ARaymond India distingué pour l’excellence de ses processus RH et Exports

ARaymond India* a été récompensé lors de la 56e édition du congrès annuel de l’ACMA (Association des fabricants de composants pour l’industrie automobile) pour l’excellence de ses processus RH et Exports. « Nous avons été récompensés devant tous … [+]