Vehicle News - January 2004 (n°273)

Date : 01/01/04 | Catégorie : Article de presse

Multi-purpose connection systems. The independent and international A Raymond Group is one of the world’s leading experts in clipping and bonding fastener solutions for the Automotive Industry. The development of innovative products, like fluid handling connections, has opened up new market segments for the group.

A Strategic Activity for the A Raymond Group
Today, the fluid connection business (quick connectors) makes an important contribution to A Raymond Group’s worldwide growth. Like its parent company this activity has been growing from the inside without alliances or acquisitions. 190 employees and 6 production plants support the global fluid connection activity in France, Germany, USA, Japan, Brazil and China. While maintaining a continuous and strong focus on standard connections for low-pressure fuel delivery lines, A Raymond has developed new applications which are now offering very interesting business opportunities. Examples are in cooling, climate control, power steering, integrated connections (cartridges) and multifunction (connecting shut off, non return valves, service port, pressure regulator, temperature sensor…)
10 to 20 quick connectors per vehicle
Quick connector vehicle content is very much dependent upon vehicle size, system architecture and design philosophy, market regulations linked to safety and environmental protection, space constraints, assembly ergonomics and module management. On average, the number of fuel system related quick connectors for European and American vehicles varies between 10 and 20 whereas it is below 10 for the Japanese. This number can rise to 30 on some platforms when the entire fluid transfer system is taken into account.
A Fast Growing Market Driven by Innovation
Today’s important question is whether this type of connection will become standard and why? The answer is not obvious without a clear view of a number of influential factors including political, economical, sociological, technological and environmental development trends which do not always converge: cost reduction pressures, more severe norms (safety, environment) and product specifications (temperature, pressure and life cycle resistance), increasing system integration and complexity, occupational safety - poor assembly ergonomics, management of toxic fluids, etc., and finally introduction of new energy substitutes. At the same time, there remain certain problems such as the resistance of plastic parts to high pressure and temperature (> 150°C), ensuring the reliability of the connection in difficult assembly conditions, unsighted with limited accessibility, resistance to increasingly aggressive fluids, high alcohol content, biodiesels, aggressive additives, CO2, etc. and resistance to hydrocarbon emissions. The image of the A Raymond Group as an innovative and leading expert within the fluid handling connection business is now well established in Europe and throughout the world. Our ambition is to provide the auto industry with total quick connector solutions across all future and existing fluid applications. Hocine IBEGAZENE A Raymond GROUP Quick Connectors RFQ Manager Extract from Vehicle news magazine -