A Raymond Group - Piolax - Press release September, 2001

Date : 01/09/01 | Catégorie : Article de presse

Presentation of the Cooperation agreement PIOLAX - A Raymond Group : The Japanese group PIOLAX, first supplier of Nissan and the French Group A Raymond, "Optima Supplier" of Renault, signed a cooperation agreement aiming reciprocally to promote their products near their respective customers and to thus widen their presence in the worldwide market.

The PIOLAX Inc. and ARAYMOND groups decided to link their skills to create a development alliance for production and sales, present everywhere in the world and close to the sites of their customers. ARAYMOND undertakes to promote the products of PIOLAX in Europe and PIOLAX will ensure the promotion of ARAYMOND products in Asia. The two suppliers must quickly be operational to propose standard fastening solutions, compatible with the complete range of the RENAULT / NISSAN vehicles. The two groups have the same profile: family owned companies, identical in size, international presence, same fields of activities: the design and production of engineered fasteners. ARAYMOND is the European market leader and 2nd worldwide. PIOLAX Inc. is 2nd in Asia and 5th worldwide. This alliance, following the example of RENAULT and NISSAN, covers the worlwide market and is regionally complementarity. Both groups together represent an annual turnover of € 650 millions (Euro). PIOLAX Inc.: 11 sites in 7 countries Japan (4 factories), Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, USA (2 factories), Great Britain and one factory under construction in Mexico. ARAYMOND group: 15 sites in 12 countries (12 factories) France (3 factories), Germany (2 factories), Italy (1 factory), Spain (1 factory), Great Britain, Czech Republic (1 factory), Belgium, USA (1 factory), Brazil (1 factory), China (1 factory), Japan (1 factory), Australia. COOPERATION SCHEDULE Formation of a coordination committee with 4 permanent members for each company and development of a cooperation program. ARAYMOND SARL - Antoine RAYMOND, Co-Manager of ARAYMOND group - Pascal DESTREMAU, Co-Manager of ARAYMOND group - Yasuki TAKENAKA, General Manager of ARAYMOND JAPAN - Jean-Yves RENOUX, Sales Director of ARAYMOND SARL and Key Account Manager RENAULT / NISSAN PIOLAX Inc. - Kazuhiko KATO, President of PIOLAX Inc. group - Yasuyuki OGAWA, General Manager of PIOLAX Inc. - Ken SUZUKI, General Manager of PIOLAX Ltd. - Masahiro KOBAYASHI, Sales & Marketing International Manager February 26, 2001 Antoine RAYMOND, Manager of the ARAYMOND group and Kazuhiko KATO, President of the PIOLAX Inc. group sign a cooperation agreement. February 27, 2001 ARAYMOND and PIOLAX present their cooperation project to the RENAULT Purchasing Management in Boulogne. April 2001 PIOLAX and ARAYMOND present the cooperation project to the NISSAN Purchasing Management in Tokyo. May 2001 Definition of a provisional program for a long-term cooperation between the two companies. MAIN OBJECTIVE: GLOBAL PROVIDER ARAYMOND and PIOLAX wish to widen their cooperation, from 2002, with other joint projects (logistics, search for industrial partnerships) in order to propose a total fastener service. This type of alliance will make it possible that companies like ARAYMOND preserve their independence and remain leaders in the Automobile fastening world of tomorrow. For ARAYMOND, it is already the future.