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Date : 05/01/16 | Thématique : Energies | Catégorie : Article de presse

À 150 ans, ARaymond s'invente un avenir de start-up | Le Figaro

Ce sous-traitant automobile, qui est à l'origine du bouton-pression dans le textile, innove désormais dans d'autres secteurs d'activité, comme la santé. Avec une réussite impressionnante. Un nouveau siège à Grenoble, 14 nouvelles usines en trois ans (dont 3 en France), Lire la suite… [+]

Date : 22/12/15 | Thématique : Energies | Catégorie : Press release

2015 in key figures - infographic - English version

To mark the end of 2015, we created this infographic to give you a "key figures" insight of the ARaymond Network and of our employees. Do not hesitate to share it! Season's Greetings!… [+]

Date : 11/12/15 | Thématique : Energies | Catégorie : Press release

ARaymond celebrates 150 years of innovation - English Version

A pioneering spirit The ARaymond Network was founded in Grenoble, France, in 1865 by Albert-Pierre Raymond. While looking for a more practical fastener to replace the traditional glove button, he invented the press stud. It was a simple yet brilliant idea – a "spring" which holds an assembly together and which, under a certain… [+]

Date : 14/04/14 | Thématique : Energies | Catégorie : Article de presse

Cost pressure as innovation drive | Sun Wind Energy3/2014 - English version

Extract from "Cost pressure as innovation driver" article of Sun Wind Energy3/2014 dealing with mounting systems for solar farms and referring to ARaymond™ PowARSnap 90B Slide-in technology helps save time A main starting point in reducing the balance of system costs is the installation time. In order to shorten this, manu… [+]

Date : 10/06/13 | Thématique : Energies | Catégorie : Article de presse

ARaymond Tinnerman Announces Release of PowARSnap™ 90B - English version

Solar module clip provides a no-tool attachment of the module to the strut or rail (Brunswick, OH, September 24, 2012). ARaymond Tinnerman Industrial Inc. (ART) announces the release of the PowAR Snap™ 90B. This product is a one-piece attachment clip for framed solar modules that simply snaps into a standard channeled strut or aluminum rai… [+]